Govt announces new raft of funding to tackle potholes

Govt announces new raft of funding to tackle potholes 30th November 2015

They are one of the biggest scourges of drivers across the UK in the winter months, and with the weather starting to take a turn for the worse as we head towards December, it will soon once again be what has become known as pothole season. 

Potholes can spell disaster for drivers, potentially damaging their suspension, tyres and creating host of other problems. And each year, local councils are under pressure to put more money into tackling the problem. 

Could this about to become a reality? At last, the government announced last week it is to put more money into blitzing potholes across the nation, as the chancellor George Osborne used his Autumn Statement and Spending Review to unveil new funding for tackling potholes. 

Mr Osborne has set aside £250 million of funding over the next five years to repair potholes, which will sit hand in hand with a £5 billion existing fund for general UK road maintenance. This comes as part of the announcement that the £15 billion road investment strategy, the biggest in the UK since the 1970s, remains protected. 

However, while any rise in investment to tackle potholes will be seen as a positive by the millions of drivers nationwide, one body said the funding is not enough. 

RAC chief engineer David Bizley said: "We are pleased the Chancellor has sought to protect the funds allocated to the road investment strategy as this demonstrates a firm commitment to protect and improve the country's crucial road transport infrastructure in the longer term.

"The extra £250 million being allocated to the pothole fund over the next five years is good news but is, of course, no more than a drop in the ocean in terms of the scale of the problem across Britain's 245,000 miles of road."

Posted by Danielle Barge