Govt set to tackle road challenges in north of England

Govt set to tackle road challenges in north of England 18th September 2015

The government has revealed that it is set to address some of the challenges affecting roads in the north of England, with issues surrounding traffic flow among the priorities it has named. 

According to the Department for Transport, some £1.5 million of funds will be put towards two studies that are looking into the various options that are available to help ease congestion on roads in the north. 

The Government's Road Investment Strategy is commission as part of the Department for Transport's larger plan for the north of England, and the latest studies to be announced take the total number of these nationwide to seven. 

In the latest plan, the studies will be looking to assess the east-west links between the M6 in Cumbria and the A1(M) in the North East, and the other will be looking at transport schemes to alleviate congestion on the M60 and M62 between Trafford and Bury. This is seen to be of vital importance since the stretch of motorway is regarded as the busiest in the UK. 

Another which is taking place at the moment in the north is seeking to assess the viability of a trans-Pennine tunnel to help ease congestion on the motorways. 

Road minister Andrew Jones says a record £13 billion is being invested in the north's transport structure at present to make sure that the roads are less congested for drivers. It is hoped that in the long term this will help to create more jobs in the north as the government's economic plan comes to fruition. 

Posted by Danielle Barge