Graham Norton may opt for tyres check after car theft

19th January 2012

Graham Norton may be tempted to send his car in for a check up following its theft, with checks on brakes, car oil and tyres all important considerations.

Norton's black Lexus hybrid 4X4 was stolen after thieves broke into his home and discovered the keys to his car.

Fortunately for the presenter, the vehicle was fitted with a stolen vehicle recovery device, which allowed the police to locate the car.

Norton was evidently delighted at the recovery, after unsuccessful attempts to locate the vehicle through announcements on his twitter account and Radio Two show.

However, he remained in shock over the ordeal and theft of his prized automobile.

"It was shocking to think that the criminals break into your home and steal your keys, allowing them to drive off with your car and all your valuables," he said.

Yet despite his obvious relief, the television personality would still be advised to send his car in to a respected garage offering car maintenance services.

Checks on brake parts, car exhausts, engine oil and tyres should all be conducted by a qualified garage following the theft of a car.

According to Tracker, the number of thefts involving keys has risen from 74 to 84 per cent in the past two years.

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