Greening pledges to transform the Highways Agency

24th May 2012

Transport secretary Justine Greening revealed plans to reform the strategic road network in the UK, earlier this week.

Under the new plans, Ms Greening will focus on improving the quality and efficiency of the national road network, making sure to create a better service for motorists and business users alike.

Central to this will be the introduction of a 20 year strategy for the national road network and the integration of challenging performance targets that the Highways Agency will be expected to deliver against.

"My goal is to transform the Highways Agency in to a best in class organisation,” she said.

"Our motorways and major A roads are the backbone of Britain… It is vital that we start taking positive steps now to improve how we operate, maintain and enhance our major roads."

The decision comes as a response to Alan Cook’s independent review into how motorways and major A-roads are operated, maintained and enhanced, with Ms Greening looking to take on many of his recommendations in her new initiative.

Motorists and businesses will be consulted on the new strategy, which will be published for consultation near the end of the year.

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