Hankook launches high-performance tyres

20th September 2013

Tyre manufacturer Hankook has added a new product to its range designed for high-performance, dynamic vehicles.

The Ventus S1 evo2 has been created to provide sport-like performance across all parameters without compromising the quality of a vehicle's suspension, rolling noise and low rolling resistance.

Hankook's new product feature multiple tread radius and a double-layered raydon carcass, which ensures that maximum tyre contact with the road is maintained at all time, in all conditions drivers face.

Jin-Wook Choi, Hankook president and head of Hankook Europe, said: "Our flagship in the high-performance SUV model is also fully loaded with innovative technologies and design features, which we have been able to develop on the basis of our expertise as an exclusive tyre partner of the DTM team, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

"Our premium tyres provide a direct sports-like driving experience combined with safety and comfort while being environmentally friendly at the same time. This makes the Ventus S1 evo2 SUV another outstanding example for Kontrol Technology, our philosophy of combining technology, top performance and safety in all of our products."

The tyre has also been created to reduce the risk of aquaplaning in wet conditions and to boost driving control and safety when travelling at high speed.

Hankook's Ventus S1 evo2, which has been designed specifically for SUV vehicles, is also equipped with a highly-developed silica compound with a cross-linking system that improves traction levels in the wet, wear characteristics and thermal ageing resistance.

The firm is well-known for its innovative approach to manufacturing tyres, as it recently revealed the concept for an airless tyre, which combines the tyre and wheel into one unit.

The Korean manufacturer used concepts originally designed by Bridgestone to create the i-Flex, which is completely air-free and can help boost the environmental credentials of a vehicle, due to the fact it can boost fuel economy and is constructed from 95 per cent recyclable materials.

Posted by Danielle Barge