Hankook showcases airless tyres

13th September 2013

For years flat tyres have been the bane of motorists' lives, but Hankook has indicated that the future could be very different.

The Korean tyre manufacturer has used concepts originally designed by Bridgestone and other firms in the industry to a new level, with a tyre that does not require inflation.

Images emerging from the firm show a product that combines the wheel and the tyre into one cohesive unit.

Known as the i-Flex, it is completely air-free and can help boost the environmental credentials of a vehicle as it can improve fuel economy and is made of 95 per cent recyclable materials.

According to Wired, the new wheel uses geometric cells on the inside, which allows the entire unit to act as an integrated suspension unit.

Technology within the wheel also distributes the energy from bumps in the road across the structure.

Hankook claims that the i-Flex’s design also runs quieter than its counterparts, which means the concept could be used in electric vehicles, as a lack of engine noise can amplify the noise of traditional road tyres.

Posted by Danielle Barge