Having the right tyres is of paramount importance, says Michelin

michelin 3rd January 2012

Ensuring your truck has the right kind of tyres and that they are correctly pressured is crucial, according to Michelin technical account manager Jacques de Giancomoni.

The comments come after research conducted by Michelin, in association with Volvo, found that correct tyre use can have a major effect on fuel consumption and vehicle running costs for haulage trucks.

A two-week long, 1,000 km test was undertaken comparing a rig using optimal tyres, tyre pressures and wheel alignment against a vehicle using different parameters.

The results showed a difference of as much as 14.5 per cent in fuel consumption depending on tyres and wheel alignment.

Broken down, the Michelin research showed that the choice of tyre affected fuel consumption by some 11 per cent, while correct tyre inflation reduced consumption by one per cent.

Speaking after the test, Mr de Giancomoni said: "Having the right tyres is of paramount importance.

"And checking tyre pressure – which has a significant effect on fuel consumption – is also important."

Posted by Danielle Barge