Hay fever medication can impair driving, warns Gem

27th June 2012

Gem Motoring Assist has highlighted another potential danger of the bright summer season – with hay fever gripping countless motorists up and down the country.

Figures produced by the road safety organisation show that as many as one in five people in the UK currently suffer from hay fever, with the season for this problem reaching its peak in the coming days.

But while medication may be at hand for those with the condition, Gem has urged motorists to be careful when taking anything before driving.

As the body explains, hay fever, cold and flu treatments along with pain killers, antihistamines and even eye drops can affect the central nervous system, leading to drowsiness and general difficulty operating a vehicle.

It also warned that driving under the influence of any drug, even those prescribed by a doctor, remains a criminal offence.

Gem Motoring Assist chief executive David Williams said:  “Many motorists don’t realise the effect that prescription or over-the-counter medication can have on their driving.

"With the hay fever season in full swing, there could be many people breaking the law without  realising it."

In a bid to combat any potential issues, the road safety group has created a special leaflet highlighting the risks along with other information on the topic.

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