Heatwave causes increase in breakdowns for UK drivers

Heatwave causes increase in breakdowns for UK drivers 2nd July 2015

Earlier this week, the British public were warned that a heatwave could potentially be on the way. However, no one would have expected to be quite as hot as it has been, with temperatures reaching 34C on Wednesday (July 1st), making it the hottest July day on record. 

And while this meant many headed to the beaches around the UK's coast to soak up the sun, for those on the roads, there have been some real problems to contend with, as the heat caused a sharp rise in breakdowns.

The RAC reports that on Tuesday, when temperatures were almost as high as on Wednesday, there was a rise in cooling system failures of 102 per cent, while cylinder head gasket problems climbed by 82 per cent over the average on the same day. 

It also said there was a surprising 167 per cent increase in the number of vehicle fires seen across the nation, although it could not pinpoint why this had happened. 

Brits are being reminded that when the weather is hot, it's important to make sure that the car is well prepared for the journey. Making sure the coolant level in the engine is well topped up, for example, can be a priceless check that takes little more than a few seconds to complete. 

And it's not just cars that are having issues either, with the RAC reporting that many drivers are getting flustered in the hot weather while out on the road. 

Simon Williams, RAC spokesman, said that the number of accidents taking place nearly doubled, climbing 92 per cent on the day, while there was also a very surprising 237 per cent increase in the number of people putting the wrong type of fuel into their car, potentially damaging the engine. 

Mr Williams said this was "possibly as a result of people getting hot and bothered at the pumps", so drivers would do well to make sure they are well hydrated and take regular breaks to ensure they are concentrating and focused at all times. 

Posted by Danielle Barge