Heavy rain can cause havoc with road surfaces

24th July 2013

Many people have been out enjoying the warm weather in recent weeks, but yesterday (July 23rd) saw the first summer storms for large areas of the UK.

For the majority of places this rain is the first heavy downpour in a number of weeks. While it will be welcomed by gardeners, road users have been warned to take extra care out on the roads.

The prolonged spell of hot weather and lack of rain can lead to a build-up of rubber deposits and oil on the UK's roads, which is then churned up and spread by the heavy rainfall and storms.

This process can make it particularly difficult for tyres to grip the surface of the road in the same way they would do in normal conditions.

GEM chief executive David Williams MBE urged road users to be mindful of this effect of heavy rainfall.

"Motorists should increase the amount of time that they allow for braking, particularly when roads are at their most slippery," he advised.

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