Here comes the rain again, warns IAM

6th July 2012

With the Met Office issuing amber warnings for torrential train, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has published advice for any drivers set to brave the elements in the coming days.

While checking tyres should be an important consideration in any weather, the prospect of severely wet road surfaces brings with it the added danger of aquaplaning.

IAM chief examiner Peter Rodger admitted that these wet conditions can prove extremely treacherous for motorists.

"A suddenly very wet road surface increases the chances of slipping when braking or steering," he said.

“When driving in wet conditions remember that stopping distances will increase and visibility will be reduced. Drop your speed and give yourself more time to slow down.”

Mr Rodger advised driving slowly and leaving time and space to avoid swamping other cars.

He also recommended avoiding deep water and maintaining your acceleration in the event that you do encounter one of these bodies water, taking time to then dry your brakes afterwards by lightly applying them as you drive.

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