Highways England criticised over pothole repair failures

Highways England criticised over pothole repair failures 8th September 2015

They are one of the biggest problems faced every year by motorists in the UK, causing issues with tyre and wheel damage and even causing drivers to need to have their suspension repaired, and now potholes are back in the spotlight again. 

Local authorities are often urged by residents to make sure they are doing more to tackle the problem of potholes on the road, but it seems that one organisation has failed to do just that, with the local mayor in Derby even stepping in with criticism.

The huge hole on the A38 in Derby, which measured six inches deep and 5ft by 6ft wide at its largest point, sat unfixed for more than a day, damaging as many as 12 cars which unwittingly drove over it. 

Police were reportedly first informed of the pothole's appearance at 10.30am on August 31st. They informed the Highways England department shortly afterwards. Initially, staff were sent to deal with the problem, but the temporary filling they installed was insufficient and the hole swiftly opened up again, causing punctures and damaging suspension. 

The hole was again temporarily filled in at 4.30pm on August 31st and early on September 1st. However, it opened up again on both of these occasions. It was not until late at night on September 1st that the hole was properly repaired, by which point it had done damage to a number of vehicles. 

Mayor of Derby, councillor Paul Pegg, says Highways England "completely failed" in its duty to protect drivers. He said that the hole was so severe that it could have caused a serious accident and led to injury for someone on the road. 

He said many cars were seen swerving to avoid the hole, which could have resulted in real problems. 

Posted by Danielle Barge