How does efficient driving help keep the cost of petrol low?

How does efficient driving help keep the cost of petrol low? 5th June 2015

British drivers could be unwittingly hitting themselves in the pocket month after month simply by failing to drive in an economic fashion, according to a new survey published by Barclaycard Fuel+. 

It found that the majority of drivers are not even considering how they drive and the way in which this can affect what they spend on fuel, which effectively means British drivers are spending a collective £700 million on petrol that they don't have to each year. 

The results show that up to 636 million litres of petrol are wasted every year in the UK thanks to the fact that a third of all motorists are failing to drive as economically as they should. Things that don't even seem that important such as failing to use a handbrake when sitting at traffic lights, can make a real difference, for example. 

One of the biggest problems faced, according to Barclays Fuel+, is that many drivers are not making sure that they are in the right gear when on the road. Being in a gear that is too high or too low can cause the engine to labour, eating up far more fuel than it otherwise would. 

Other issues include things like the tyres being improperly inflated. Tyres that have not got the right air pressure will take more effort to turn than they normally would, which again means the engine has to work harder, using more fuel.

On some occasions, underinflated tyres could be a result of a slow puncture, so it's worth having the tyre checked and a new tyre fitted if need be in order to stop this becoming a real long-lasting issue. 

However, a large problem that was highlighted by the survey is that many people across the country are simply not considering the fuel economy of their vehicles. It said that 60 per cent of all drivers are far more concerned about finding the quickest route than they are about how they drive, which could mean they're spending far more on petrol than they otherwise might. 

John Bostock, account development director at Barclaycard, said: “With such a huge amount of money wasted on fuel, we would benefit massively as a nation if we were more mindful when it comes to driving in a more eco-friendly way."

Posted by Danielle Barge