How fondly do you remember your first car?

How fondly do you remember your first car? 3rd September 2015

Nostalgia can be a wonderful thing, and for most people, casting your mind back to days gone by will bring a little smile to your face as you remember some wonderful times from the past. One of the things many remember most fondly is their first car, representing a first real taste of freedom and adulthood. 

But just how fondly do you remember your first vehicle? According to a new survey, for many people, their very first car is a more important and fond memory than their first love!

The research from RAC Cars found that more adults were more excited by their first car than they were by their first boyfriend or girlfriend. 

In men, 57 per cent said that their first car was a fond memory, while just 55 per cent were excited about their first girlfriend. However, it was surprising that the gap was even greater in women. Some 66 per cent of women said they had been excited by their first car, compared to just 60 per cent who said the same about their first love. 

In a funny twist, the majority of people said that their first ever car was a reliable partner, compared to just 27 per cent who said they could rely on their first ever boyfriend or girlfriend. The two also crossover, though, with the news that 38 per cent of all British drivers said they got their first kiss in a car. 

And even years later, it seems that Brits retain that same relationship with their car, which is a big part of their lives. Men in the UK said they daydream about their vehicle every 55 seconds, even more than women, who said it was every 92 seconds on average. 

Men were also found to spend far more time showing their car love and attention than women. Some 64 per cent of men said they cleaned, polished or tinkered with their car at least once a week to make sure it remains in top condition. 

RAC Cars spokesman Pete Williams said: "Our research shows that whether male or female, old or young – we all appear to love cars. 

"Both men and women admit to getting hot under the collar when they think about their dream set of wheels and many of us hold more endearing memories of our first motor than our first partner."

If you have a loving relationship with your vehicle, it makes sense to ensure it is in top shape at all times. Putting it through a full vehicle health check can give you peace of mind that your car is fit, healthy and good to go for a long time to come. 

Posted by Danielle Barge