How to act after hitting a pothole

8th February 2013

As the UK continues to deal with a 'pothole epidemic', the nation's drivers have been encouraged to ensure they are doing the necessary checks if they strike a defect in the road.

TyreSafe delivered the message as it underlined that the spate of potholes still being left untreated across the country is leading to an increase in the number of tyre related road casualties.

Stuart Jackson, the organisation's chairman, acknowledged: "Hitting a pothole can cause a number of tyre and wheel problems which can have a serious impact on road safety."

However, due to the likelihood of the UK's pothole problem remaining for the foreseeable future, motorists should know how to act should they strike one of the hazards.

Mr Jackson recommended: "If drivers do hit a pothole, it's important that they check their tyre pressures regularly over the next few days to see if there is any gradual loss of pressure.

"Hairline fractures in the alloy wheel can lead to air escaping and low pressure can have devastating consequences."

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Posted by Danielle Barge