How to avoid that flat tyre feeling

17th October 2012

Despite advances in tyres, which mean some can run for miles after they have been punctured, it is still wise to keep a foot pump in your car.

Auto Express goes as far as describing a pump as "a vital piece of kit for an emergency".

Not all foot pumps are created equal, however, and Auto Express has taken it upon itself to road test – excuse the pun – 20 different types to see which comes out top.

Comfort, build and stability were all taken into account during the testing phase and the eventual winner was the Michelin 12202 Double Barrel. This was followed in second place by the Ring RFP1 Single Barrel.

The AA suggests that motorists may want to consider getting run-flat tyres if they are concerned about their personal safety, or are worried about the cost and inconvenience associated with getting repairs.

It advises consumers to test drive run-flat tyres before they buy "as the ride may be firmer and tyres more expensive and harder to get repaired".

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