How to drive in autumn: Driver checks

How to drive in autumn: Driver checks 23rd October 2014

Driving in autumn can be something of a challenge for drivers in the UK. With the earlier hours of darkness, the quickly dropping temperatures and the low evening sun being a particular problem, it can be a more hazardous drive than in the better weather that has just passed. 

Taking care on the road and making sure to adjust your driving style to suit the conditions is something everyone should be doing. But have you considered how the condition of your car also affects your autumn driving? We take a look at the best checks to carry out this autumn. 

  • Windscreen wipers. With the dangers of the low evening sun, the last thing drivers want is to be dazzled. When your windows are dirty. this problem can be magnified, so you should check your wiper blades' condition as soon as possible. New wiper blades will make sure windows are cleared best, so it can be a good idea to buy new ones. 
  • Windscreen washer fluid. Just like with your wipers, having enough windscreen washer fluid will be vital to making sure the sun doesn't become a problem. Make sure to top up regularly so you don't find out at the worst possible time that your tank is empty.
  • Be aware of your battery. It may not be winter yet, but autumn can be a great indicator of one of the biggest winter car problems. If your car labours to start when the temperature has dropped slightly, the it's pretty much certain that it will fail when winter comes. Take the early warning and change your battery to save yourself the inconvenience further down the line. 
  • Bulbs. It can get dark pretty quickly at night at the moment, so you'll need your lights far earlier in the evening than you have in recent times. Check your lights by turning them on and walking around the car and change any bulbs that are out. 

Posted by Danielle Barge