IAM backs Drugalyser test for young motorists

8th May 2012

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has backed calls for the introduction of a new drugalyser test to help determine when young motorists are under the influence of illegal substances.

It follows the publication of new research which shows that around one in ten young male drivers have operated a car while under the influence of cannabis.

According to the IAM figures, as many as 750,000 people admit to having driven while under the influence of cannabis, with a further 370,000 confessing to driving while under the influence of harder class A drugs too.

The government has already announced plans for the introduction of road-side drugalysers later this year, in a move welcomed by IAM chief executive Simon Best.

“Any new equipment that will allow police to make quick and accurate decisions at the roadside or at the police station on drivers who are impaired by drugs is great,” he said.

However Mr Best was quick to note that the test needed to be backed up by some measure of impairment, with many youngsters driving under the influence of a cocktail of drink and drug substances.

“Without this, the test could simply catch those people who have used drugs at some point, but are not necessarily still impaired by them,” he warned.

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