IAM calls for return of road safety targets

25th September 2013

The reintroduction of road safety targets would help to bring down the number of casualties on the nation's roads and bring the country in line with international best practice.

That is the opinion of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), which has called for the victorious party in the next general election to implement new road safety targets to reduce the incidence of death and injury in the UK.

A survey of local councillors carried out by the IAM earlier this year revealed that the majority disagreed with the removal of road safety targets and most counted road safety as a key priority.

The IAM has pointed out that the implementation of road safety targets is seen as best practice across the globe and is commonplace in the majority of nations.

Simon Best, IAM chief executive, explained that road safety targets not only work "very effectively", but have previously been shown to bring organisations together.

"Local councils, the police, the NHS and safety camera partnerships used common targets to bring their policies together. And where there was a target, they always wanted to exceed it," he added.

According to the IAM, a new, target-led approach to road safety would enable the highest risk groups such as cyclists, motorcyclists and drivers on rural roads to be the focus of "well-coordinated" enforcement, engineering and educational initiatives and make all roads safer.

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