IAM calls on drivers to avoid the pain in Spain

15th June 2012

The Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM) has today (June 15th) issued advice to any drivers planning a road trip to sunny Spain this summer as part of a well-deserved holiday.

While experts would always recommend a general MOT check up, with a particular focus on tyres, before motorists set off on the road, when it comes to visiting the south western region of the Iberian Peninsula there are a number of important things to remember.

Driver training specialist group IAM Drive & Survive head of training Simon Elstow this week extolled some important tips on what motorists must consider when driving around Spain.

First up, it is important to remember that all cars are required to carry two warning triangles for use in the event of a breakdown. In each instance, these triangles should be placed in front of and behind the car.

Any driver that requires glasses must carry a spare pair, while it is also important to remember that the drink drive limit in Spain is lower, so alcohol should be off the table if you are planning to operate a vehicle.

Be aware that some parking in towns is controlled by blue zones where discs must be displayed. Motorists are also advised to avoid parking on main roads with continuous white lines, while any children sitting in the front seat must be at least 12.

“Rest up before any long journey, prepare your car for the trip and if you have a passenger get them to remind you that you’re driving on the right-hand side of the road," he said.

“The Spanish issue on-the-spot fines and these can be hefty. Make sure you get an official receipt if you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, so you have a reference in the event you wish to appeal.”

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