IAM director calls on drivers to “take responsibility” over biker collisions

6th March 2012

Drivers must improve their awareness of motorcyclists as well as taking responsibility for the role they play in these accidents.

That is according to the Institute of Advanced Motoring's (IAM) director of policy and research Neil Greig, who called on more care to be taken by drivers in the UK.

According to figures quoted by the IAM director, around 75 per cent of motorcycle injuries in towns and cities are caused by crashes at junctions.

In many instances, Mr Greig believes that these accidents are down to drivers simply failing to spot an approaching motorbike when they pull out.

"Drivers should be ashamed of these statistics and take responsibility for the role they play in the safety of innocent bikers," he said.

While the wellbeing of the motorcyclist in question remains paramount, these collisions can often lead to hefty repair bills, with tyres and exhausts potentially damaged in the crashes.

The comments come as the Department for Transport launches a £1.2 million advertising campaign aimed at raising awareness of motorcycle accidents and the important role drivers can play in preventing them.

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