IAM offers advice to prevent drink-driving

10th May 2013

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) and Peter Rodger are advising British drivers to avoid the temptation of a tipple before driving home. IAM’s advice comes at a time when drinking and driving is especially common, as warmer weather is more conducive to nights out on the town.

Government statistics have revealed that most deaths caused by drunk driving occur between 10pm and 4am, and the number of incidents does in fact increase over summer months, followed by a spike in October. The second deadliest month is May, so IAM’s advice is particularly relevant this time of year.

Mr Rodger, one of Britain’s top drivers, suggests Britons do not try and calculate how many drinks puts them over the limit. Instead, a good rule of thumb is to avoid alcohol altogether if you have to hit the road later. If you do drive to the pub or a party and drink, call a taxi or hitch a ride with a sober friend. Remember that heavy drinking sessions could put you over the limit the next day, so you may need to organise alternative plans for the morning.

Motorists should also be aware that many accidents are caused by inebriated pedestrians, not necessarily drunk drivers. Be vigilant, especially at night, and watch out for pedestrians who look a little worse for wear.

To sum up, Peter Rodger, chief examiner for IAM, said: “The summer is a time of BBQs, jam packed beer gardens and festivals. But the summer sees a rise in drink-drive casualties too. Enjoy yourself and leave the car at home if you plan to celebrate with a drink.”

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