IAM releases advice for driving in the snow

7th December 2012

Winter road conditions can be dangerous for drivers. With this in mind, the Institute of Advance Motorists (IAM) has issued advice for driving in the snow.

Freezing conditions and snow are to be expected in the next few months. IAM chief examiner Peter Rodger said:

“Avoid travelling unless completely necessary, and don’t ignore police warning or advice to avoid specific routes.”

Key advice includes keeping your speed low and staying in a high gear to avoid skidding when moving from a stationary position. Simple things like ensuring your windows are clean and clear are also recommended.

Doubling or even tripling your stopping distance is highly advised, as brakes may not be as responsive as usual. You should also consider getting your brakes and other safety features in your car checked.

Having good quality winter tyres will also be of benefit, as they offer increased grip and control in wet and slippery conditions.

For more winter driving advice, visit the IAM website.

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Posted by Stay safe on the wet and icy roads using advice from the IAM