IAM strategy of “driving defensively” could help reduce tyre damage

16th April 2012

The Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM) has called on drivers to take a more defensive approach to driving, in a bit to avoid the kind of crashes that can cause damage to tyres and vehicles in general.

This advice follows the publication of a new poll from the IAM that highlights the startling number of drivers that fail to look properly when drivers on the UK road network.

According to the research, 58 per cent of drivers admitted they had been cut-up by another road user who had failed to look properly during the last six months of driving.

The research found that forty per cent of drivers suffered these near misses while driving in 30 mile per hour zones.
Failing to look at the road is a major factor behind road collisions with 29 per cent of serious collisions and 36 per cent of minor accidents caused by this, according to the IAM research.

IAM chief executive Simon Best called on drivers to be "more aware" of who they are sharing the road with, and the risks they present. 

“Other road users’ intentions can often be guessed by their body language and position on the road, so drive defensively, and leave room so that if somebody does do something unexpected, you have time to deal with it," he said.

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