IAM: UK travellers driving overseas without car checks

IAM: UK travellers driving overseas without car checks 28th July 2014

More than a quarter of British travellers are taking their vehicle into Europe without checking its condition, findings from the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) show.

IAM is concerned about the lack of preparation from British drivers overseas. It has warned that costly repair bills could be in line for people who do not check vehicles efficiently.

The group’s study found 78 per cent of respondents claimed regulations regarding vehicle equipment have become complex, suggesting that more needs to be taught about the matter.

Unforeseen circumstances (33 per cent) and cost (17 per cent) were cited as the two most damaging disadvantages of going on a driving or riding holiday.

IAM’s survey revealed that 44 per cent of those on a riding or driving holiday drove, with 22 per cent of those doing so from the UK. A total of 41 per cent said they prefer to drive their own car on holiday.

Although motorists are not checking their vehicles effectively, 85 per cent of respondents always travel with full breakdown cover and medical insurance.

To prepare for a driving holiday, motorists should have their vehicles checked by a professional well in advance of their trip. By doing this, road users could resolve potentially disastrous faults in their car.
IAM chief executive Simon Best said: “A breakdown is inconvenient at the best of times, but to have that occur while on holiday is even more upsetting. 

“Even with comprehensive travel insurance, there will be huge disruption to your holiday if you have a breakdown – and factoring in the extra expense of getting your car or bike back to the UK.”

Mr Best emphasised the importance of having a vehicle in good condition overseas, warning that motorists could otherwise face expensive repair bills. 

He emphasised that brake pads, tyre pressure levels and lights must be in proper working order for cars to run efficiently overseas.

Along with these considerations, drivers should check the general condition of their car, as any cracks could worsen and lead to high costs abroad.

Posted by Danielle Barge