IAM urges lane discipline on motorways

22nd March 2012

The Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM) has called on drivers to maintain a degree of lane discipline, while travelling on the UK motorway network.

A significant proportion of collisions on the motorway are caused by motorists failing to take care when changing lanes.

In these instances, drivers can incur significant damage to bodywork and tyres that can leave them seriously out of pocket.

The IAM head of training, Simon Elstow, called for drivers to change lanes gradually rather than trying to force their way through traffic.

Mr Elstow also recommended motorists maintain a safe following distance when changing lanes and be sure to read overhead gantry signs.

He also called on drivers to avoid driving continuously in the middle lane, warning that it was for overtaking and overuse could lead to serious congestion.

“Keep an eye on your mirrors and keep a 360 degree awareness of the traffic around you to make changing lanes easier," he added.

"But always double check before making the manoeuvre.”

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