Illegal part-worn tyres a problem, warns Tyresafe

7th June 2012

Compound safety group Tyresafe has called on Trading Standards offices across the UK to take extra care when enforcing regulations regarding the sale of part-worn tyres.

They argue that stringent and consistent analysis of these tyres is crucial to maintaining consumer safety.

The call comes after Tyresafe conducted a month-long nationwide investigation into this growing problem, which revealed some concerning results.

According to the group's study, after purchasing 50 random part-worn tyres from UK retailers across the country, they discovered that just two per cent of these compounds met the current safety requirements.

Worse still, around a third of the tyres tested were found to contain dangerous forms of damage and non-compliance.

Tyresafe chairman Stuart Jackson said: "Despite clear legislation it would appear from our investigation that the sale of illegal part-worn tyres is a very real problem and needs to be tackled head on by Trading Standards as a matter of urgency."

Mr Jackson also warned that,in some instances, failing to spot these defects could ultimately be "a matter of life and death".

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