In-Car technology poses risk to motorists, warns Which?

17th April 2012

The use of in-car technology such as satellite navigation systems, touchscreens and integrated phones could be putting more motorists at risk.

That is according to a new investigation conducted by Which? that indicated how these new pieces of technology can lead to accidents when driving.

Failing to keep a close eye on the road can often lead to collisions with other cars or problems with the road surface itself, all of which can prove lethal to tyres and other vehicle parts.

Which? tested eight different systems from some of the UK's leading carmakers.

The research showed that while some performed well under tests, more auto designers needed to ensure these systems posed as little distraction as possible.

Which? car editor Richard Headland added that in many instances these in-car systems were "crying out to be simplified".

"We know people want systems in their car that integrate audio, phone, satnav and other functions, but it's time for the government to step in and provide some strong guidance to focus carmakers on creating less distracting systems," he said.

The consumer advice magazine has subsequently moved to create a ten-point checklist designed to ensure in-car technology systems are less distracting.

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