Inflate caravan tyres properly, says expert

29th May 2012

Motorists must ensure caravan tyres are inflated properly before setting off on any Spring Bank Holiday travels, according to Tyresafe chairman Stuart Jackson.

The compound safety group chief issued the advice as hundreds of caravanners across the country prepare to hit the road for the four-day Spring Bank Holiday.

“Caravan tyres are placed under a high level of stress, so it is essential that caravan owners inflate their tyres to the correct pressure and do not overload them,” he said.

Mr Jackson also advised caravan owners to make sure that any loads are spread evenly around the caravan and are placed as low down as possible in order to maximise safety and stability.

Inspecting tyres carefully before setting off is also recommended with the Tyresafe chief also  advising caravanners to bring a separate spare caravan tyre, making sure to avoid using the compound attached to the towing vehicle.

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