Is Apple about to move into the world of motoring?

Is Apple about to move into the world of motoring? 22nd October 2015

It is known as one of the most popular brands in the world, commanding a customer loyalty that most other companies would envy, but is Apple about to make its boldest move yet? 

The Cupertino tech giant is well known for taking risks throughout the years. From its early partnering with Motorola to bring about the innovative iPhone, to its championing of the still new technology that became the iPad, Apple has never been one to simply follow trends, preferring to create, and ultimately become one itself. 

However, the company has now suggested that it may be about to move away from personal electronics, even if just briefly, and towards the world of motoring. It would be a new move that would shock, and one that would challenge Apple as it moved away from taking on Samsung and Sony to go head to head with BMW and Ford, but if any firm could make that move, it would be Apple. 

The company has suggested that it will be coming to market with a product that could be on sale by the end of 2019, and as always with Apple, it has signalled its intention to innovate, warning car manufacturers the world over to expect "a massive change" before the end of the decade. 

Rumours suggest that the firm would be looking to go one of two ways; either focussing on bringing the concept of the self-driving car to life or getting a slice of the renewables market by releasing a new type of electric car. 

Apple's interaction with cars is nothing new. It has recently been working on CarPlay, a system that would allow iPhone users the chance to connect their device to their vehicle, playing music, displaying calls and talking to Siri through their car as they drive. 

And although chief executive Tim Cook has yet to confirm if the rumour of a new move towards an Apple car is actually true, the company has hired some expert car technicians in recent months, with Cook also cryptically saying that he is leaving to door open to new ideas that could take Apple forward. 

Posted by Danielle Barge