ITMA offering assistance in run-up to tyre labelling change

19th October 2011

The Imported Tyre Manufacturers' Association (ITMA) is offering assistance to any manufacturers which are struggling to comply with upcoming regulation changes, it has been revealed.

From November 1st 2012, tyre manufacturers will be required to label all car and truck tyres with ratings on fuel efficiency, wet grip and external rolling noise.

Tyre makers are currently conducting a series of tests against a standard reference tyre to ensure they can accurately grade its performance and ITMA is providing support to ensure firms meet the deadline, reports

"ITMA has been closely monitoring the development of the new tyre labelling regulations," David Seward, president of ITMA, told the news provider.

"By taking an active role we have been able to ensure that our members' views have been considered. Equally, we have been able to provide ongoing advice and updates to our members as and when developments occur."

Tyre manufacturer which fail to comply with the new legislation are eligible for a fine. 

Posted by Danielle Barge