Jari-Matti Latvala tyres strategy pays off

18th January 2012

Driver Jari-Matti Latvala has attributed his success in the SS2 stage of the Monte Carlo Rally to the strategy he adopted with his tyres.

Managing your tyres is crucial to success in day-to-day life or any motorsport competition.

But while most normal drivers can send their car in for an MOT check with new tyres fitted as standard, motorsport racers must rely on the compounds provided.

Facing the Burzet to St Martial stage of the Monte Carlo Rally, Latvala was faced with one of those difficult decisions.

Knowing he faced patches of snow and ice ahead, Latvala adopted one studded tyre on the front and one on the rear with slick tyres deployed in the other two compounds.

While winter tyres would be the standard choice for any normal driver, in this instance the rally racer was proven correct.

Adopting the unique compound combination, he raced into a half-minute overall lead after the first two stages of the rally.

Speaking to MaxRally after the race, Latvala said:"The tyre plan for this stage was perfect. We did a really good choice."

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