Jealous partners deflating tyres, survey says

4th September 2012

It's fair to say Britain has its share of motoring fanatics, but new research suggests cars are often a battleground for bickering couples.

A poll from which asked motorists how they enjoy spending their free time during evenings, weekends and days off found 12 per cent would choose to wash or polish their car, or take their pride and joy for a spin, rather than spending time with their partner or family.

What's more, five per cent claimed they wouldn't let their loved one behind the wheel for a total of twelve months after getting together.
However, such a precious attitude to your vehicle could come at a price – rather than letting out their frustrations, 29 per cent of shunned partners said they'd let air out of their partner's tyres to take revenge.

Some 24 per cent even said they'd damage the tyres to get one over their other half.

While these stats may seem a bit exaggerated, damaged or deflated tyres increase the chance of road accidents and make the car less fuel efficient, meaning vitriolic other halves should perhaps think twice before going overboard.

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