Know your speed limits, warns IAM

10th August 2012

Drivers must ensure they are able to effectively manage their speeds on the UK road, taking care to keep aware of any speed limits which may be in place.

That is according to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) which today (August 10th) offered its latest set of tips for anyone negotiating Britain's roads.

This week saw the road safety charity offer up advice on effectively managing road speeds.

The IAM called on drivers to ensure they look well ahead and stay vigilant of other motorists and speed cameras that may spring up ahead of them.

They also called on car users to watch out for any potential speed limit changes which can often occur when leaving roundabouts and junctions.

If encountering trouble at a set speed in a manual car, try to stay in a gear that will help you main a legal speed. Safety is also an important consideration and drivers should ensure they reduce their speed in bad conditions and at a speed which allows them to stop safely.

Finally, the IAM called on motorists to avoid being pressured into breaking the speed limit which has been set by those behind them.

Chief examiner Peter Rodger said: "Know the speed limit and always abide by it. That doesn't mean you have to drive slowly, but we all have to stay within the limit."

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