Labour promises £300 million to address the pothole problem

Labour promises £300 million to address the pothole problem 23rd April 2015

In the last couple of weeks, numerous road charities and consumer groups have been calling for the new government elected on May 7th to make sure it puts roads at the top of its agenda. In particular, it was found, British drivers want to see the new government address the issue of potholes, which cause issues year after year on UK roads. 

Potholes are caused by ice forming in cracks and other imperfections in the road surface, which causes them to worsen. When the ice thaws, larger holes are left in the road. This can cause problems with wheels, suspension and other parts of cars. 

Now, Labour has moved to become the first party in the UK to formally address the issue. And with just two weeks to go until the election, it's no surprise that the party has decided to make the emotive problem one of its priorities. 

Labour said that it will be using funds freed up from the government's transport budget to provide £300 million for the fixing of potholes. It will mean some six million potholes being filled this year. It has also set a target of mending more than 24 million across the country as a whole between now and the end of the decade. 

Michael Dugher, Labour’s shadow transport secretary, said: “Under David Cameron, our local roads have been totally neglected and have been allowed to deteriorate to a desperate state of disrepair. 

“This is costing motorists and is a danger to all road users, including cyclists. 

“Hard-pressed road users have quite rightly had enough of having their vehicles and bikes damaged because of Britain’s pothole crisis.”

Labour is not the only party committing to fixing potholes though. The Conservatives have fought back, claiming that they have allocated £168 million already to local authorities to allow them to fix potholes, which it said should allow some 19 million to be filled by the end of 2020-2021.

Posted by Danielle Barge