Leading experts give tyre-safety facts

12th December 2012

It is at this time of the year where road safety becomes a pressing concern. However, when the ice and snow has gone, you should not neglect your vehicles tyres.

Spokesman for Micheldever Tyres Alan Baldwin believes the overall UK attitude to tyre safety over the course the year is not of an acceptable standard.

“The tyre laws in the UK are the worst in Europe, if not the world,” says Mr Baldwin. “We have very strict tyre laws and guidelines but the adherence by the customer to those laws has become markedly worse over the past two years, to the extent where today, virtually every car on the road will have some form of tyre defect.”

One of Mr Baldwin’s main concerns is the tread-depth of most tyres currently on UK roads, as he believes that many tyres are below legal tread levels.

The tyre safety expert also thinks that tyres are one of the most ignored features of a car’s safety, despite being “fundamentally the most important".

During the cold season, it is still legal to drive on summer tyres, however, Mr Baldwin suggests that winter tyres prove to be the safest option as they are designed to withstand cold temperatures, and offer an “advantage in performance"

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