Local garage highlights UK tyre concerns

8th December 2011

A local garage's independent research has highlighted the ongoing problem of drivers using dangerously illegal tyres on UK roads.

Debra Robinson, who runs a garage in Derbyshire, decided to conduct her own check of the tyres that came in her centre during November.

The move came after a spate of checks in recent months by local authorities had highlighted the growing number of dangerous tyres being used by UK drivers.

After checking compounds coming into the garage throughout the month, Ms Robinson admitted, during an interview with the Ilkeston Advertiser, that the "number of illegal tyres we are coming across is staggering".

Around 46 per cent of drivers coming into the centre were travelling with tyres below the 1.6mm minimum tread depth for tyres on UK roads.

“We checked 500 cars and it would appear that tyres are the forgotten part of the vehicle when in factit is the most important,” she said.

The dangers attached to worn tyres follow a similar motorway crackdown in Cumbria that saw 36 drivers receive fixed penalty notices and three points on their licenses for driving with illegal or faulty compounds.

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