Local road conditions top concern for British drivers

Local road conditions top concern for British drivers 9th September 2015

Drivers across the UK are more concerned with the state of roads in their local area than they are with any other issue around motoring, it has been reported. 

According to the RAC Report on Motoring for 2015, many people feel that their local roads are now worse than they were even as recently as a year ago, with safety and damage to vehicles becoming a key concern for a large proportion of drivers. 

Some 1,500 were interviewed by the breakdown firm for the report, and a large 50 per cent of those respondents said that the state of local roads was their biggest worry. These drivers said that the condition of roads around where they live has deteriorated in the last 12 months, with local authorities having done little to rectify this issue. 

The RAC believes, however, that this is an issue only likely to worsen moving forward, with the money the government has allocated to the repair of roads only half of what is needed. Ministers have allocated some £6 billion to local authorities in order for them to be able to repair roads nationwide. However, the RAC said that at least £11.5 billion is needed to return them to a reasonable condition. 

In the study, it was found that of those who feel their roads are worse than they were a year ago, 99 per cent believe this is a result of potholes, one of the most prominent issues for a number of years. A lack of preventative measures from councils and governments mean that these cracks often appear, and in most cases they are slow to be repaired. 

David Bizley, the RAC's chief engineer, says: "Motorists clearly want the government to provide sufficient funding to ensure local roads are maintained properly. 

"But while any central government money given to local authorities for roads must be spent on roads, we also need councils to spend more of their own funds on repairing and replacing road surfaces.

Posted by Danielle Barge