Lottery winner remains focused on tyres

25th April 2012

A single mum who scooped £1.6 million on the lottery has told reporters she intends to go on with her normal life – starting with a pair of replacement tyres for her car.

Julie Styles, from Stanford-le-Hope, has confessed she remains "in shock" over her recent lottery win, which saw her scoop up £1.6 million in last Saturday's draw.

The 46-year-old had only bought the winning ticket on the previous Friday, following a busy week at the Debenhams department store in Lakeside where she works.

Despite claiming the jackpot prize though, Ms Styles admits that much of her life will remain the same with plans afoot to return to her job and the people she works with next week.

She does intend to make one special purchase though, with the new found wealth enabling her to purchase her "dream car" – an Audi TT.

In the meantime, this lottery winner is focused on remaining a law abiding citizen.

When quizzed by the Thurrock Gazette on what her first purchases would be, Ms Styles answer was simple.

"It’s great timing," she said, "because my car needed two new tyres and the tax ran out last week.”

The story highlights the importance of ensuring you regularly check your vehicle's tyres and tax discs before operating the vehicle.

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