M1 motorway marmite spill leaves tyres with a sticky situation

1st December 2011

Traffic was thrown into chaos earlier this week after police were forced to close a section of the M1 motorway in South Yorkshire following a major spillage of marmite across the highway.

A tanker carrying 20 tonnes of the yeast extract was overturned late last night, leaving the road awash with the thick, sticky black spread, which proved a major obstacle for car tyres.

The accident occurred after the tanker was involved in a collision with a motor caravan, leaving the driver of the lorry with minor injuries.

Police were forced to close the M1 in both directions between junction 32 and 33 near Sheffield at 22:15 GMT as a result of the spillage.

A spokeswoman confirmed that the road remained closed with police"in the process of emptying the remaining contents of the tanker and clearing up the spillage before it can be moved".

The road remained closed until early on Tuesday morning, while police cleared the surface of the sticky substance in a bid to avoid any damage to tyres and vehicles in general.


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