Majority of British drivers ‘check out fellow road users’

9th January 2013

Many drivers appear to be taking their eyes off the road to check out fellow road users or pedestrians while stuck in traffic, if new research is anything to go on.

A new study conducted by car buying firm Recombu Cars and reported on by the Press Association has acknowledged that 57 per cent of motorists are known to get distracted by looking to see if other drivers or members of the public are attractive.

Male motorists are definitely the worst offenders where ogling people from behind the wheel is concerned, with 64 per cent of this gender admitting to letting their eyes wander in this manner.

This is not to say that female drivers do not become distracted though, as the Recombu Cars survey also found that 50 per cent of women eye up those around them while out on a road trip.

Another interesting aspect of the car buying company's research is the fact that the average Brit spends 14 full days a year in their car – longer than the amount of exercise pursued by UK citizens or the duration of time dedicated to looking after their own children on an annual basis.

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Posted by More than half of motorists in the UK check out people while stuck in traffic