Make rural A roads mandatory on driving test, says IAM

25th January 2012

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is calling on the government to make driving on rural A-roads a mandatory part of the driving test, which are often the site of punctures to tyres.

This comes after the IAM produced figures showing that 82 per cent of rural fatal and serious casualities occur on single carriageway roads.

In comparison, just 18 per cent of accidents occur on motorways and dual carriageways, where drivers often practice during lessons and their test.

Rural roads present a variety of obstacles not officially covered in the UK driving test with blind corners, overtaking on narrow roads and avoiding pot-holes that damage tyres all important considerations.

While the IAM agrees that  some driving instructors will provider learners with practice on these narrower roads, they believe it should become an official part of any test.

IAM chief executive Simon Best said: "The roads where drivers, especially young drivers, are most frequently killed and injured are still not consistently part of the driving test.

"The minister recently announced young drivers would be allowed to use motorways when accompanied by an instructor, but it is single carriageway A-roads where the real problem lies."

The IAM has written to the road safety minister offering advice on how the government can deal with this issue moving forward.

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