Michelin considers return to F1

27th September 2011

French tyre giant Michelin is considering a return to Formula One (F1) if the current regulations regarding tyre suppliers are amended.

The firm first entered the sport ten years ago to compete with Bridgestone but left when F1 governing body Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) ruled that it could not supply its Michelin tyres alongside another company. 

In an interview with Italian news agency AGI, Michelin's motor racing chief Nick Shorrock revealed that the firm would like to once again offer its services to F1.

"We are following with interest the evolution of FIA regulations," he told the news provider.

"We hope for the opening to more tyre producers, because only competition may improve the contest. If regulations change in this direction we will consider the possibility of our return."

Italian firm Pirelli is the only tyre supplier to F1 having signed a three-year deal in 2010. 

Posted by Danielle Barge