Michelin inner tube secures Eurobike Gold Award

16th September 2011

French tyre manufacturer Michelin has won a Gold Award in the accessories category at the 2011 Eurobike Awards for its Protek Max bicycle inner tube.

The product was one of just ten bicycle accessories which were awarded the coveted gold award, with the inner tube overcoming stiff competition from rival manufacturers in the category.

Upon presenting the award, jury members praised the Protek Max inner tube for its puncture resistance and its ability to maintain tyre pressure when the bike is not in use.

A statement from the jury read: "Ultra resistant to punctures thanks to its uneven design, the Protek Max inner tube has a compression reaction in the event of piercing (the hole closes up naturally) whereas a classic inner tube has an extension reaction (balloon effect).

"The self-plugging effect is increased by the built-in sealant which is added during the manufacturing process."

The seventh Eurobike show was held in Friedrichshafen, Germany, and featured a record 430 entries across 17 different categories. 

Posted by Danielle Barge