Michelin tops online tyre brand study

12th September 2011

French firm Michelin has once again been named the top online tyre brand in an internet poll by Tyres & Accessories.

Tyrepress.com has obtained the study, conducted in collaboration with online brand research specialists Envisional, which analysed the number of times each of the 17 tyre brands assessed was mentioned online in a three-day period in May 2011.

The system, which uses DEX methodology to rank the firms, analysed more than 18,000 web pages featuring tyre-related content and found that Michelin was the most prevalent tyre brand, topping the list for the seventh consecutive year.

Michelin recorded an overall score of 2.61 on the DEX Prominence Index, with Italian company Pirelli rising from sixth place in 2010 to third place in this year's study.

The company also used its DEX technology to determine the sentiment of the references made to these brands, with Michelin again found to be the most praised tyre brand online.

Pirelli came second in the DEX Sentiment Index, while Dunlop was ranked third. 

Posted by Danielle Barge