Michelin Tyres Group create road safety game

19th April 2012

The team behind Michelin Tyres have developed a new Facebook competition designed to encourage young motorists to drive safely.

It comes after the compound-manufacturer revealed young people are twice as likely to be involved in car accidents compared with other more experienced drivers.

Around 5,000 young people aged between 18 to 24 die in road accidents across Europe each year, according to its study.

That could go down with the introduction of Michelin Tyres news Facebook game entitled Tom European Tour.

The game invites players to travel with a virtual character called Tom. From April 17th to June 8th, Facebook users can share his special adventures with each stage of the journey offering up a game alongside some questions to answer.

Each of these stages or countries, as they are called in the game, will provide information and education on a variety of road safety aspects with those scoring highest given a symbolic driver's license for each nation visited.

All entrants will then be put into a random draw to then choose the winner of a new Citroen C1.

It is hoped that the Facebook game will help encourage more young motorists to drive with care, while also providing a potential reward to one lucky winner.

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