Michelin tyres ready to roll in East Africa

8th May 2012

Drivers in East Africa could be set to benefit from an innovative new type of Michelin tyres, designed to cope with the rocky road conditions seen in the region.

The new tyres, dubbed the Michelin Energy XM2s, have been designed to offer drivers a more flexible compound ideal for absorbing the shocks caused by tricky road surfaces.

These new compounds are the result of months of research by the manufacturer, who took into account the high frequency of potholes and uneven surfaces seen on the continent.

Speaking to the Citizen, Freddi Soeffler, Michelin’s regional manager for East Africa, explained: “The new Michelin Energy XM2 is a type developed to meet the performance needs of users on East African roads and weather conditions”.

More importantly, Mr Soeffler revealed that even if a tyre was damaged by an accident involving a pothole or road impact, it would be promptly replaced by the firm.

The news comes as Michelin’s national fleet sales manager Dave Crinson called on haulage drivers to provide more feedback on their experience of tyre dealers in the UK.

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