Michelin unveils 2012 motorcycle track tyre additions

10th October 2011

French tyre manufacturer Michelin has unveiled three new track-orientated motorcycle tyres for next year.

The firm has announced that the Power Cup model will replace the current Power One Competition range, while the Power Slick and Power Rain will replace the firm's current slick and rain line-ups.

When designing The Power Cup tyre, Michelin claimed that a key focus was ensuring it offered excellent grip when cornering and accelerating to ensure faster lap times.

"In this way it delivers the performance balance that is characteristic of all Michelin tyres, offering a combination of easy handling, safety (thanks to its superior grip) and high total mileage," the firm said.

Meanwhile, the Power Slick offers easier handling than its predecessor as well as safety in all phases of track riding, while the Power Rain tyre features a 'fountain' tread design which disperses a maximum amount of water.

The Power Rain tyre will be available from March 2012, with the remaining Michelin tyres on sale in January.

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Posted by Danielle Barge