Agricultural firm chooses CargoXbib Michelin tyres

19th December 2011

An agricultural firm based in Somerset has chosen special Michelin tyres to improve the performance of its vehicles.

The tyre manufacturer's Michelin CargoXbib trailer tyres were fitted to four new silage trailers purchased by Alvis Contracting, in place of standard remould truck tyres.

Daniel Harding, manager of Alvis Contracting, said: "We have traditionally fitted super singles on our trailers, but we trialled some CargoXbibs on our last batch of new trailers and they have really proved their worth.

"In wet maize, the CargoXbibs just float over the soil, whereas the lorry remoulds tend to dig in, causing rutting and soil compaction."

He added that the tyres will give employees confidence to work in even the wettest conditions, while also minimising damage to sub-soil, something that can negatively affect crop yields.

Mr Harding believes that the tyres also deliver fuel savings, thanks to the fact that they deliver improved rolling resistance.

CargoXbib tyres have been designed to carry heavy loads while maintaining lower pressures.

Posted by Danielle Barge