Communicating Michelin tyre set for Olympics debut

22nd June 2012

Michelin's latest innovative compound – a tyre that can communicate with the driver – is set to roll onto the market in time for use at the Olympic Games in London.

The all-new Michelin tyres utilise a special compound pressure monitoring system which works, alongside radio frequency identification chips, to send information to drivers and fleet managers about tyre health and temperature.

In a bid to enhance the safety of events in London this summer, the smart new tyres are set to be fitted to public transport operators in the capital.

It is hoped that these new compounds will not only enhance safety for bus drivers, but also help the authorities to monitor transport systems and ensure things run as smoothly as possible.

Michelin believes the new tyres will eventually become a staple of fleet and haulage firms across the UK, however with just weeks to go until the Olympic Games begin in London on July 27th, the company remain focused on ensuring its compounds meet the challenge of the big event.

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Posted by Written by Danielle Barge